Testimonials of Stignani Artists 2018


The Stignani Young Artist Program was an educational and inspirational experience. The faculty was extremely passionate and knowledgeable. I quickly grew to respect them and establish wonderful friendships with them as well. I was very impressed with the rehearsal facility we had access to, with the beautiful theatre we performed in, and with the historic beauty of Imola. I took long walks throughout the town in the mornings and evenings. I was very fortunate to have a scholarship to the program as well as housing provided at a walking distance to the facilities we were using.

It is very difficult to find programs in Italy that provide scholarships and housing. The scholarship is what made it possible for me to participate in the program. 

And what a joy to be asked back to perform in the Emilia Romagna Festival! Immediately a beneficial experience and I’m so glad to be part of it all!! 

Melisa Bonetti, winner of Stignani scholarship and recital engagements in Italy in 2019.