The competition is divided into two preliminary rounds and the final. The finals will take place in the form of a public concert. Each singer is obliged to participate in the preliminary rounds. Appearance in the final round is mandatory.

Preliminary round – piano accompaniment
Semi-finale round – piano accompaniment
Final round – orchestra accompanimet

Each participant must prepare five (5) arias for the competition. Participans may submitt arias from any epoch they prefer (even multiple arias from only one epoch).

The repertoire may include one (1) operetta aria. The other four (4) must be chosen from the opera repertoire.


Preliminary round: one aria from the competition program (applicants choose the aria themselves)

Semi-Finale round: two arias from the competition program (one arie is chosen by the paticipant and one by the jury of the competition)

Final: two arias – both arias from the competition programme will be selected by the jury (the arias already performed in the past rounds can also be chosen again).

Program duration limit

  • Preliminory round: 6 Minuten
  • Semi-finale and finale round: 10min
  • The competition program submitted by the candidate is binding. Subsequent changes to the repertoire are not accepted.
  • Accompanists are available free of charge, applicants can also be accompanied by personal pianists.


Monday, 3.10.2022

  • personal registration at Stignani Theater (11h)
  • welcome address
  • raffle of the start numbers
  • after – rehearsals with pianists (14h)

The times mentioned are non-binding and depend on the total number of participants. Please note that we do not accept representations and that every applicant must be present in person.

Tuesday, 4.10.2022

preliminary round (11h)

Wednesday, 5.10.2022

preliminary round (11h)

Thursday, 6.10.2022

Semi – Final round (11h)

Friday, 7.10.2022

Rehearsals for the final concert (10h)

Saturday, 9.10.2022

Final round, concert with the award ceremony (20h)



You can use online form to apply to Stignani Competition or send the documents listed below to info@stignani.eu. Documents needed for your application are:

  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your health insurance (please make sure, that you have an adequate health insurance for Europe/Italy – travel insurance is acceptable)
  • short CV (preferably not longer than one page) with your contact details
  • if you are applying for “dramatic voice” award, please write this in your CV at the top, next to your name.
  • Link (video/audio) of an aria of your own choice (youtube/soundcloud/vimeo link) or send an audio/video file via wetranfer to info@stignani.eu
  • Bank transfer receipt of the registration fee.

Registration fee

The registration fee is EUR 95,00 and must be transferred to the following account immediately upon registration:

  • Internationaler Musikverein Ebe Stignani e.V
    IBAN: DE29 7601 0085 0105 5058 56
    Institution: Postbank (address of the bank: Postbank Hamburg, 22283 Hamburg)
  • purpose of payment: SC 2022 + name of the applicant

OR via Paypal:

  • paypal.me/Stignani (please write us the purpose of payment: SC 2022 + name of the applicant)

The transfer must be free of charge for the recipient. Admission to participation only takes place after receipt of payment. The registration fee cannot be reimbursed in the case of withdrawal, prevention or non-admission. The organizer is entitled to refuse the registration without giving reasons. The written registration is binding. If you are unable to attend, please cancel in good time.


Stignani Competition will admitt to competition only those applicants:

– who have a classical vocal training

– who have submitted their audio- or video example, with their registration, which will be examined by us.

After the pre-selection has been made, all singers will receive an acceptance or rejection email by September 10, 2022 at the latest. The decisions are final.

Acknowledgment of the conditions of participation

With the registration the applicant confirms the acceptance of the conditions of participation as well as the agreement with the following additional conditions – the decision is final:     

  • The selected participants undertake to take part in the next round. If the reason for non taking part is justified, it must be canceled in time.     
  • All participants in the competition undertake to take part in the announced dates in connection with the competition.    
  • Failure to participate means waiving the prize. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes or to share them. This decision is binding and not subject to appeal. There is no guarantee that all rounds will take place in front of the entire jury.
  • If necessary, the jury will only hear extracts from individual arias from the first two rounds of the competition. The jury decides on the awarding of the prizes.

The evaluation criteria

  • Voice quality
  • Musicality
  • Vocal technique
  • Stage performance

Weighting factor is decided by the jury of the competition. The consultations of the jury members are secret and incontestable. The organizer reserves the right to create, reproduce, distribute and edit recordings as well as image material throughout the competition and after the competition. The rights granted also include the use for print media, radio, television and other electronic, digital and audiovisual media, online services and general advertising purposes. The Stignani organization can assign these rights to television and radio stations. If necessary, the entire competition is recorded for archive purposes. No fee is paid to the participants for this. By registering for the competition, the participants agree to the recordings / photos and their utilization.